I use my eyes to drive.

I use my eyes to help me work, help me earn a living.

I use my eyes to see my family and friends.

I use my eyes on vacation, to see amazing new sights.

My eyes and my vision are precious.

Everyone needs an eye exam. And not just any quick check, your precious eyes deserve the best.

At Hope Vision Care, we don’t just ask “which is better 1 or 2?” Our comprehensive medical eye exam takes into account lifestyle, computer use, & any underlying health problem. We measure over 25+ aspects of your eye, from front to back. Then we find the best solution on the market with lens technology and high quality products to treat your eyes the way they should be treated.


Here’s a peek into three different eyes that all see 20/20. Let’s ensure that you not only have good vision but also have healthy eyes inside & out.

We provide a more comfortable eye exam without dilation drops. Wide view Opto-map imaging helps us check for cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, retinal tears, and even cancer.

All this captured in 5 seconds.

Say good to airpuffs. Our glaucoma evaluation no longer includes the blast of air into your eyes. More friendly, and more accurate.

Evaluating the eye front to back also includes problems with lid droop or lid asymmetry. Nonsurgical methods of improving eyelid appearance can be done with a prescription eye drop.

Before Upneeq

Minute 30