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We take care of all your family’s eyecare and eyewear needs!

We are an optometry office with a strong emphasis on personalized eye care and high-quality eyewear. Our Berkeley trained eye doctors provide extensive optical and medical care services to patients of all ages.

What steps have we have taken to mitigate COVID-19 risk in our office?

  • We check the temperature of everyone who enters our offices, including staff, every day.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available throughout visit.
  • We will ask a short questionnaire about COVID-19 symptoms before arrival.
  • All doctors and staff will be masked with additional PPE when appropriate.
  • All patients are asked to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth while in our office.
  • We use hospital-grade disinfectant to clean all surfaces and instruments after every patient.
  • We use hospital-grade disinfectant to clean all frames following each patient use.
  • Every staff member is required to clean their hands before and after every patient contact.
  • We strongly recommend all new and returning patients to complete your health history information through our secure online intake portal. This saves you time and reduces contact.
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Are you noticing changes in your vision? Call our office to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors.

Please complete and submit the patient registration form online through our secure Internet connection.


Please complete and submit the medical release form online through our secure Internet connection.


Order contact lenses and more right from the comfort of your home!

How an HVC eye doctor can help you!

Contact & Glasses Wearers

Our wide selection of eyewear brands allow our eye doctors and opticians to help you find the frame or contacts that are best for your eyes and lifestyle.


As you age, your eyes will need more attention and maybe specialty care. We can assist you with cataracts, macular degeneration, changes in vision, and your other vision needs.


Visiting the eye doctor can be intimidating for your kids. Our pediatric eye care clinic is specifically designed to help children feel more comfortable during eye exams.

Advanced Eye Care Needs

Whether you suffer from glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, dry eye, or another advanced eye care need, you can receive a custom treatment plan at HVC.

Eye Emergencies

Please call our office at: 310-316-2055.
Use your best judgment on urgency, if you feel the need to find the nearest emergency room.

We’ll help you with the best treatment to prevent complications
and promote long-lasting clear eyesight.


Did you know that nearly 9 and a half million American adults have myopia? That’s nearly 4% of all adults in the entire country! 30% of Canadians have the condition, as well, making it one of the most common vision problems globally—and these numbers are on the rise.

Your eye doctor will often prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct vision impairment. Glasses and contacts enhance your vision by shifting the way that images enter your eyes. They refract light properly, so that your brain processes images correctly, resulting in clear vision. However, corrective lenses do not cure vision problems; they simply enhance your existing vision. LEARN MORE


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Whether you live in a climate with cold winter weather or you are planning a ski trip up north, winter can be a challenge if you suffer from dry eyes. Dry, cool air, cold winds and even drier indoor heating can cause eye irritation, burning, itchiness and redness, and sometimes...

As an HVC patient, you can enjoy:

  • Same-day appointments in many cases.
  • English and Spanish-speaking staff.
  • We don’t overbook appointments because we want to get to know our patients and treat them as family.
  • We focus on patient care, taking time with patients, and understanding/treating their concerns.
  • Having all of your eye care needs, with the exception of surgery, taken care of in one optometry practice.

Why Choose HVC?

To best care for your eyes, you need an optometrist who can assist you with more than contacts and glasses. Our eye doctors in Torrance can treat, diagnose, and help you with both your general and advanced eye care needs

Our eye Doctors, opticians, and staff promise to:

  • Be upfront about costs. We strive to offer glasses and contacts at prices that are competitive with commercial practices. We even offer same-day cash discounts for eye exams.
  • Listen to your questions and concerns and take our time with every appointment. We will take time to both help you see your best and to examine your eyes for any underlying health issues.

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